5 benefits of a working external hard drive

brown external hard driveIf you’re a regular PC user, you’ll already likely know how much storage you have to save files, store music and documents.  It may be likely that you’ll be familiar with and have one or two USB flash drives, which can be removed and stored separately.  USB flash drives can only carry so much data, however – and in the past decade the need and demand for bigger external drives has grown exponentially – and we think that the benefits of having your own removable drive that works as expected is always worth your hard-earned money.  Here are just a few reasons why.

Added Security

If you deal with particularly sensitive data or simply want to keep a closer guard over your files, a removable drive is small and compact enough to keep under lock and key or close observation – and as they can be removed from your PC at any time, you can store them wherever you like, out of harm’s way.  They are a great idea for anyone working with a shared PC that really wants to be able to keep guaranteed sole access over their data.

Huge Drive Space

Removable hard drives come with much more space than you may initially give them credit – it’s easy to now get several TB (terabytes) of storage in one handheld drive for a reasonable amount of money, and some removable drives even rival those pre-installed in PCs and laptops for sheer volume.  It’s hard to believe that the PCs we were using twenty years ago held less than 1{154c002090ff49b950d6167100928267eb96aaba4178f072728959f1b834a632} of the hard drive space you can now fit in your pocket!

Easy to Use

Some people may be put off by the mere notion of an ‘extra hard drive’.  There’s nothing to worry about – simply plug in, and away you go.  External drives are easy to navigate and keep track of in Windows Explorer, and can be mounted in minutes – meaning that you’ll be ready to save or transfer over all the data you desire in no time at all.

Instant Upgrading

If you’re running a PC that is already a few years old but are keen to keep on trend with data-intensive software, it is a far more attractive option to consider a portable, removable hard drive to expand your available space as opposed to upgrading your PC entirely.  If space is all you need, why not add as you go?

Portable Possibilities

While we are able to store a certain amount of data via cloud and email, what if you need to easily and quickly access several gigabytes of information within a matter of minutes?  A portable drive can be plugged in to any PC and can be accessed within minutes, meaning that it’s an ideal solution for anyone aiming to take their work home with them and back to the office again after the weekend.

For more information on removable drives and the great range of models we have available, contact Tech CPR – or why not pop in and have a browse in-store?