5 reasons to get your smartphone repaired rather than buying new

Why choose Repair

Whoops – cracked your phone screen?  Finding certain controls starting to stick?  Maybe your device just isn’t as speedy as it used to be.  Either way, you may well be tempted to cash in and find a new model altogether – however, there’s more than plenty of reasons why you should stick with what you know and really make the most out of your existing handset!  Repairing your smartphone could well work out more beneficial for you in the long run – and here are just a few reasons why.

You may be in contract

This is a fairly large reason why so many people get worried when their phone breaks or if they’re having difficulty.  Just because you’re in contract doesn’t mean you have to wait out the remaining months, or even pay a big lump sum to get a new model – you can get your existing phone or iPhone repaired by our team for far less than you’d pay a network outright, and there’s plenty of sense in making the most out of the months you have left from a smartphone by getting it fixed up.

Your problems may be relatively minor

A scratch here or there or even a stuck button isn’t the end of the world, nor is it time for you to go splashing out on a whole new smartphone.  We’re able to repair all manner of physical and software issues that plague phone users, and we can do so at a fraction of the huge cost you’ll spend on buying a new model outright.  If a scrape or two is making you consider getting a new handset, take your existing phone into us and we’ll see if we can fix it up for you good as new.

New smartphones are expensive

Unless you enter into monthly tariffs which are generally tied in for two years, you’ll likely be expected to shell out around £500-£800 for a brand new phone amongst the top ranges – iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony XPeria – meaning that if you can hold out on having to mortgage your house to buy one by sprucing up your current gizmo for a few months more, we highly recommend you do.

Smartphones aren’t advancing all that quickly

Regardless of the way they are marketed, smartphones haven’t evolved hugely over the past few years.  Apple’s recent iPhone 7 wasn’t drastically different from the iPhone 6, and some users may be left scratching their heads wondering if an upgrade is really worth it from year to year.  Take it from us – it’s not.  If you can get use out of your device for two to three years, you’re onto a winner – and if you need help getting anything fixed, give us a call.

Repairs are cheap!

This is the bottom line – here at Tech CPR, we offer smartphone repairs to Chesterfield customers on all major devices and brands, meaning that if you have an iPhone with water damage, a Nokia Lumia with data loss issues or a Samsung Galaxy S5 that just won’t turn on, we can remedy all of your problems with very little expense on your part.  We are always up front about our costs, too – meaning that we will let you know how much to expect to pay for a repair before we get started.

If your smartphone or tablet is in need of a bit of TLC, don’t go buy a new one just yet – call Tech CPR on 01246 452319, drop in, or email us with your concerns – and let us make your existing handset perform like new again.