Backing up data and why it is important

Data StorageWhile saving and retrieving information from our computers and devices has never been easier – whether it’s locally via a hard drive or via a cloud platform – it has also never been easier to lose incredibly sensitive information.  Despite technology having moved on significantly, it is still just as easy to accidentally lose an important file or document, or to witness the deletion of an entire hard drive as a result of corruption or even a virus or malware attack.  How do you combat such problems?  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to perform an exorcism on your hard drive – once your files are gone, they’re gone for good – that is, of course, unless you’ve had the forethought to back them up.

Make a habit out of it

Backing up data, in 2016, should be part of your PC routine.  Depending upon one version of a document or a piece of data is a very unwise move – after all, as mentioned, there are more risks than ever when it comes to potentially losing your important files, programs and details.  Where will you be if you lose information that you can never retrieve?  Other than a panic, you won’t really be anywhere – which is why we advise all customers to ensure that they always back up any information that they really don’t want to risk losing.  Thankfully, doing so has never been particularly hard, nor time-consuming – and there are many different ways for you to back up, too!

How to prepare for the worst

If you want to make physical backups, the world is your oyster – you have removable drives, USB keys, and some of us are still using protected CDs and DVDs to write our data to.  Some of these options may not be the most secure, but providing you keep your physical backups safe or close by, you will never be in a bind again.  Alternatively, moving to the cloud may be an option.

Cloud storage came into popularity a few years ago and there are a number of providers offering free space that you can access anytime, anywhere – through a multitude of different devices.  Dropbox remains one of the most popular free storage solutions online, offering considerable space for free sign-up – with expandable options available at reasonable rates.  Microsoft, too, has stayed ahead of the game with their OneDrive, which can be used in tandem with Windows PCs and Microsoft Office to offer seamless backing up of data and retrieval of important information should you ever need it.

Backing up has never been more important, nor more necessary, thanks to a whole host of threats online.  Ensuring that your most important documents are safe from harm is a priority – meaning that you should really act today if you want to protect yourself from any potential disasters in future.

For more information on backing up data and options that are available to you, call us here at Tech CPR today on 01246 452319, drop in-store or email us directly with a query.  We’ll be more than happy to help wherever we can – just let us know!