Browsing the Internet Using Your Personal Preferences

web browser iconAnyone using the internet may already be aware that there is a world of customisation and accessibility options to help make your browsing experience all the more streamlined and enjoyable – however, knowing where to go for those particularly new to the internet may not be as obvious.  Think about what could make your browsing that little bit easier – are you tired of having to search for certain items, for having to enter certain addresses or even for viewing the same old interface?  It’s time to get personal.

Helping you browse with ease

Popular free browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are host to a wide range of option add-ons and scripts (programs that can be added into the software code) to help make your life that little bit easier.  The most popular of these can be software in the form of pop-up blockers, secure connectivity (otherwise known as HTTPS, which can help safeguard who sees your internet usage) and even themes, which can be used to colour and ‘dress up’ your browser as you see fit.  Unless you have a direct need for such add-ons, they may not be appealing to the novice internet user right away – but a great place to start will be under your ‘preferences’ or ‘options’ tabs.

Browsing with just a few clicks

In Google Chrome, for example, you are able to fine-tune your browsing experience with just a few clicks – you can customise regular sites you visit to load up automatically on new tabs and windows, you can add custom toolbars and can even monitor just how much of your data is supplied to the websites you visit.  If you’re particularly security-conscious, it’s likely that you’ll want to delve into the privacy settings to ensure that you are not pursued by adware or rogue cookies.

Custom toolbars and buttons, too, are particularly useful for anyone regularly using social media.  Buttons and badges for sites such as Facebook and Pinterest can allow you to share or pin a webpage with just one click, while add-ons for services such as Twitter and Gmail will keep a running tally on messages, tweets, mail and more in a top-corner badge.  This means that you’ll no longer have to keep tabs – literally – on every single corner of the internet that you may be using.

Bookmarking your favourite websites

Bookmarks, too, have been around for some time – perhaps since the dawn of the popular internet browser – and these can now be added to a custom toolbar to allow for quick, straightforward access as soon as you load up your internet program.  In addition to this, there are also a wealth of accessibility options at your fingertips – from changing font sizes to disabling certain content, you have much more control over your browsing than you’d first assume.

There are many more ways in which you can make your internet browsing experience that little bit easier or even more interesting – and we certainly advise having a look around your browser’s options and add-on store to make the most of what’s available to you!

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