Common iPhone Issues, Repairs and How to Avoid Them

iphone smartphoneDespite the Apple iPhone range offering some of the most desirable and innovative smartphones on the market today – with no sign of their popularity slowing down – they are just as susceptible to damage and technical problems as any other device.  What’s more, as the iPhone is designed to be unique and features a number of hardware and software limitations, troubleshooting certain issues with the device can be tricky unless you know exactly what to look for.  A further issue is that Apple often insist upon attending their stores for technical advice, which can often mean booking an appointment and potentially having to wait for help.

However, there are a number of iPhone problems that are fairly common and that can be repaired external to the Apple store – you simply need to know who to consult!  Tech CPR are no strangers to iPhone repair, and there are a number of common difficulties users face that we are willing and happy to help resolve.


Common iPhone problems that occur

iPhones can be fragile – and with many people being heavy-handed with their devices without realising, thousands of people experience cracked or damaged screens soon into their device’s lifespan.  Luckily, iPhone screen glass can be easily repaired and replaced, meaning that a hairline crack down the middle of your mobile phone is never the end of the world.  Avoiding screen cracks is as simple as purchasing a protective case and/or wallet, and simply treating your device with as much care as possible.  Always bear in mind that you are carrying a £600 supercomputer around in your pockets or in your bag!

Charging problems are sadly prevalent in many iPhone models and this is often down to battery wear and tear, overcharging, or problems related to the docking connector.  In any case, be it degradation or overuse, battery difficulty can be easily attended to but it’s recommended that you consult professional repair – as cracking into an iPhone is never easy without the right tools and know-how.

Home button and even power button problems are also just as likely to aggravate iPhone users.  Home button dysfunction can occur due to problems with internal connections – and many users experience difficulties relating to their power button, as they have been known to stick and refuse to become unstuck despite best efforts.  In both cases, internal investigation will be required, meaning that professional help and support will again be advised.

The iPhone continues to be one of the most impressive smartphones on the market and it’s down to ease of use and innovation that it remains so popular, however, there are a number of common problems and defects that can cause misery for their users.  But you needn’t suffer in silence!  For thorough expert advice and repairs for all iPhone models past and present in Chesterfield, why not call or email Tech CPR today with a concern or query?  We’ll fit you in as soon as possible, and whether it’s a broken screen or a stuck button, we’ll have your gadget fixed in no time flat.