End of Windows 7 Support: What You Need to Know


Microsoft Windows 7 has been one of the most popular and user-friendly operating systems the firm has ever produced. It’s been around for several years now, though it’s thought over a third of desktop PC users are still clinging onto the OS for dear life! Sadly, as Microsoft has recently announced, support for the system will be ending soon, which means any remaining users will need to start thinking about what to do next.


What is End of Support?

End of support applies when Microsoft advises they will no longer be updating security patches for a given OS. After 14th January 2020, Windows 7 computers will no longer receive regular patching from Microsoft and will also likely fail to receive further support from third parties.

Don’t panic – you will still be able to use your existing programs. It does mean, however, that you will no longer be able to update them after the middle of January next year. For the average home PC user, this means that you may be finding yourself getting left behind. From a security perspective and from the perspective of keeping up to date with the latest software, it makes perfect sense to start thinking about moving on to pastures new.


Should I Upgrade?

Here at Tech CPR, we always advise PC users to consider upgrading their systems if their OS is reaching end of support status. The current OS model being supported by Microsoft is Windows 10, which is widely available and currently very affordable to upgrade to. Therefore, we would strongly suggest you consider bringing in your PC or laptop to upgrade to the new OS if you are still running Windows 7.

There are also other options you may wish to take. If you feel your system in general is in need of a thorough upgrade, you could soup-up your hardware at the same time as patching in a new OS. Alternatively, you could make the leap to a completely different system – something that runs Linux, Ubuntu or MacOS, for example. However, most Windows users will likely want to upgrade their current machines – and if you ask us, upgrading your current system makes more sense from a financial perspective. There’s also the point of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’!


Upgrading with Tech CPR


Windows 7 coming to an end is something of a sad occasion. It’s been a long-lasting bastion of Microsoft PCs, having even retained users after the release of Windows 8, which wasn’t as well-received. Its simple interfaces and features will be missed – but Windows 10, in our collective opinion, takes all of the best bits of Windows 7 and upgrades them to a modern, streamlined new standard.

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