Brand new Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold revealed by Samsung

Samsung are always ready to bring something new and exciting to their fans, and 2019 is going to be a very big year for the brand. They’ve just announced the amazing new Galaxy S10 mobile phone, which will apparently be one of the very first to hit the market with 5G capability. That’s not all, either – as its landmark Galaxy Fold will be launching alongside as one of the first truly foldable smartphones. Exciting stuff indeed!


Galaxy-s10-phoneThe Galaxy S10 is, of course, the latest in a long line of big name smart devices that have been competing well against Apple’s iPhones and iPads for many years. For many Android users, Samsung is simply the brand to trust. Galaxy S10 is also set to be the umbrella brand for a number of new handsets and devices set to arrive later this year, though many people will likely be most interested in the 5G capability that comes built-in.

We may be a way off getting 5G technology on the go just yet, but it’s coming. This will mean that the Galaxy S10 will be fully equipped and ready to go when the technology is finally seized upon in the UK. That means we could be experiencing broadband-fast speeds out side of our homes and hotspots. The S10 boasts one of the biggest displays the manufacturer has produced to date, making it an absolute beast of a device! More information on what we can expect from the S10 series will, of course, be forthcoming. For now, at least, we can look forward to being able to experience 5G on the go sooner than we think.

The Samsung Fold, of course, has attracted plenty of media attention. This folding smart device will allow you to open up a screen of up to 7.3 inches, and you’ll even be able to run three different apps at once. It’s been confirmed that a number of big-name apps such as Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps will be redesigned specifically for use on the platform. You’ll be able to expand one app to a larger display and multi-task with another. It’s incredible, multi-tasking tech that’s very much needed in a world where we seem to be doing absolutely everything on our phones and tablets.

The Fold is also going to focus on brilliant camera technology. Samsung has already stated that fans can expect up to six different cameras on its release, with three on the rear and two on the front. Samsung has always competed well with Apple on this front, with camera technology appearing to take pole position over a number of features for many different developers in recent times. Will Apple, Huawei and Nokia follow suit? Let’s wait and see.


Samsung are branding the Fold as a luxury item, with the device expecting to go on sale for an eye-watering £1500+ when it’s first released later in the spring. It’s incredible hinge system, however, will likely help to sell a number of devices, seeing as you can effectively hide and bring out different screens to save on battery life – as well as keeping different screens for social media, video and chat all open at once. While some phones and tablets can already support split-screen technology, there’s nothing quite like the Fold when it comes to bringing things to a whole new physical level.

Foldable tech is still very new, and is likely to be something that will catch on with plenty of smartphone and tablet users in many years to come. It is interesting that Samsung is choosing to lead the way on this, though they remain some of the most reliable innovators the world over. It will be very interesting to see what else the Galaxy S10 brings to the table, too. We reckon big names such as Apple will be taking serious inspiration from these devices for years of reveals to come. Let’s just wait and see how they work in practice!

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