Not Repairing your Devices? Here’s What you Could Lose

Why Repairing Devices is a Good IdeaComputer Repair

Anyone who’s ever owned a piece of tech in their lives up to now will likely have put off getting something fixed.  Whether it’s delaying updates to your phone or waiting it out for a games console or PC to ‘get better on its own’, millions of people are playing around with their devices without actively getting them fixed or at least diagnosed by a professional.  But why is this?  Is it a case of taking out time, effort and money to do so?  Is it a case of looking for a repair being inconvenient?  Whatever the reason, leaving broken devices to fester for weeks or even months on end is simply going to lead your data and your tech up the wrong alley completely.

What Data is at Risk on your devices?

Consider – if you’re using a smartphone or a laptop, or similar – the preciousness of the data that you have in your hands.  What if, one day, you start to experience a slight blip – a mild annoyance, but one which is gradually getting worse – what do you do?  Do you choose to ignore it in the hope that whatever it is will pass?  This probably isn’t the best route to take.  If you bank online or work from home, for example – and if you don’t have access to data backups or cloud software – you could risk losing it all, and all through simple complacency.  It simply isn’t worth it!

Business IT Support

Games consoles, too, can suffer malfunctions and damage. Imagine spending hours getting through the campaign mode of a certain game only to find your data completely wiped or inaccessible due to a system failure or a problem that could be fixed.  Do you just give up?  What’s more, getting a slight niggle or a problem fixed early on will prevent your devices from travelling this very route – the risk of you developing data-losing bugs and gremlins will be greatly reduced if you simply get your device(s) checked out and given a clean bill of health.

How Tech CPR can help you

Here at Tech CPR, we handle and support a huge range of devices and platforms, meaning that our experts are always on hand in the event that your PC, your phone or your console has started exhibiting odd or annoying behaviour.  It’s our advice that you get your tech to us as soon as possible so that we can prevent any potential damage or data loss from occurring – it goes without saying that you’re going to want to protect your documents, your photos and your game saves – so why leave things until it’s too late to do anything?

Offering affordable and efficient fixes for devices and tech past and present, Tech CPR Ltd is Chesterfield’s local hub for all things fixes and upgrades.  Come in and have a look around or call us directly on 01246 452319 to book in a consultation – alternatively, email us at your convenience and we’ll make sure to get back in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.