Phone repairs: Is it a Hassle?

Phone repairs: Is it a Hassle?

Phone repairs being done on a Samsung phoneLet’s face it – many of us live through our phones.  They really have become the centre of our lives – we communicate to each other, play games, listen to music and even watch movies through them.  They hold all of our important details and everything we need to navigate the world around us – and when they break down, it can sometimes feel like the end of the world may be upon us!  Whether through water damage, accidental shattering or worse, experiencing phone damage can feel like a real punch to the gut – particularly as it is not always so cut and dried as to how we can go about fixing such issues.  However, it is always worth remembering that help is at hand if phone repairs are required.

The biggest fear phone owners face when looking into phone repairs revolve around how long they will have to go without a handset – or if their phone will need to be scrapped completely.  Many people avoid phone repairs altogether and go for a new handset – which can prove extremely costly in the short term and really isn’t worth shelling out for when phone repairs can be so easily sourced and paid for.  Here at Tech CPR, we handle a wide range of different phone repairs and can see to a variety of different problems that many users may not believe are resolvable.  Take it from us – it is always worth consulting a professional when it comes to phone repairs!

Don’t do it yourself!

It is never a good idea to undertake phone repairs yourself – particularly as it may mean that you invalidate certain warranties, or, even worse, damage your handset further beyond repair.  Leaving your phone in for repair with a professional guarantees that your handset will be in safe hands, and that you can receive your device back at a date and time that suits you.  Many people avoid phone repairs due to the fact that they will be without their handsets for a given period of time – but it remains to be said that phone repairs have gotten more efficient over the years, and our team in particular are specialised in bringing all major handsets such as the iPhone and Galaxy S series back up to code for anyone who comes into store.

Done by a Professional

We’ll make sure that expectations are set for you, with a fixed price and timescales that you can consent to before leaving your handset for repair.  We’ll allow you to collect in-store and to consult with one of our friendly team for more information on what happens next – meaning that you are never left in the dark when it comes to getting your phone alive and kicking again.

If you’re having difficulties with your handset but are unsure where to start when it comes to phone repairs, give Tech CPR a call – based in local Chesterfield, we’ll be able to handle all of your phone problems with the care and support you deserve.  Call us today on 01246 452319 or email for further details!