Has Your Phone Suffered due to the Weather? Tech CPR can Help

Back in the day, water damage to your phone often meant something of a death sentence. After all, liquid and technology famously do not work well together at all! Whether you accidentally drop your phone in the toilet or in a drink while you’re out and about, old school phones simply weren’t able to bounce back the way they can these days. iPhones are becoming more and more resistant to water damage of varying severity, and whether you’re accidentally getting your device saturated or are finding yourself stuck in heavy weather, there’s less worry nowadays with regard to whether or not phones will actually survive the damage.

water damage phone

Don’t Rely on Water Resistance

There’s been a fair amount of heavy weather seeping in here and there recently – the summer is most certainly over and done with – and as a result, you’re going to need to start thinking about the best ways to protect your device in heavy rain and snow. As mentioned, many devices these days are resistant against water damage, even when it comes to being dunked in a drink or worse – but weather can be persistent, and if you don’t always have eyes on your phone or tablet, you may find yourself battling to save your portable pal’s life.

Water damage repair is now easier to come by, and more affordable, than ever before. Here at Tech CPR, we offer comprehensive water damage consultations on all major handsets and brands. Therefore, whether your screen has taken a battering from heavy rain, or if your phone is seeming sluggish and unresponsive after taking a bit of a swim, we will be more than happy to help. We know exactly what to look for when it comes to repairing phones on the back of heavy water damage – and with bad weather being a major culprit in many cases, you can count on us to get your phone or tablet back up and running again in no time.

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Use a Brand You Can Trust

All it takes is to either call our team or to bring your phone to our store in Chesterfield at your convenience. Within minutes, we will be able to offer you a quote and timescales with regard to getting your device fixed and up and running once again – and you never have to feel obliged to accept our quote unless you absolutely want to!

With Tech CPR Ltd, you receive regionally-recognised technical care and advice with brilliant results. Water damage should never be the end for any device, and we are especially happy to announce that we can confidently repair and consult on all major devices and units on the current market. Whether you use a Samsung Galaxy, a Huawei, an iPhone or a Sony Xperia, we have the tools and expertise to be able to help you. Call our team today on 01246 452319 or do email us at your convenience – or, once again, you can drop into our Chesterfield store in your own time!