Protecting your little ones on the internet

Child looking suprisedSince the internet first became popularly used in the mainstream over twenty years ago, it has evolved dramatically – while some of us may remember that it was quite tricky to use at times in its infancy, the internet has become easier and easier to get to grips with. This, of course, means that more and more young people of all ages are making use of apps, search engines, streaming and online games than ever – and while the internet can be an extraordinarily handy tool for learning and having fun, it can also be a rather dangerous place, too.

How is it dangerous?

As the internet has grown, the opportunities to access potentially harmful material online have grown – even by accident – meaning that greater defences against such material have needed to be developed to ensure that parents and guardians can safely leave their children using the internet unattended without fear. Parental controls are more widespread than ever – you’ll likely find them packaged as standard with a wide range of antivirus and internet protection software, or even with your wireless router – but getting such programs to work intuitively, and to your own specifications, can provide something of a headache. Therefore, it’s great news that Microsoft has made matters all the more simpler for parents as part of their Windows 10 update.

What you can do

Windows 10 has been rolling out for some time now, and one of its best features focuses on protecting your family from hidden online dangers – whether it’s unwanted or inappropriate content, potential malware attacks or viruses – and its ‘Family’ feature is particularly handy for restricting exactly what your kids can access, and when! By adding family members to your usergroup, you can monitor and control what your little ones see and access online by restricting certain websites, programs, and can even see what they’ve been up to. What’s more, you can even set how much time they can feasibly spend online – meaning that they will be locked out of internet access after a certain period if you need to curb their usage. All of this can be accessed with ease via a handy, easy-to-use parental login system, meaning that provided you have a secure password for your eyes only at all times, you will be able to retain complete control.

The internet is constantly changing – and with it becoming more and more useful for kids, it too becomes more and more harmful should the wrong websites be visited or inappropriate programs be installed. With help from platforms such as Windows 10, however, monitoring and protecting your children online has never been easier.

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