Want a faster computer? Get a solid state drive

Sandisk Solid State DriveOne of the main reasons why people look to upgrade their PCs and laptops is to get a much-needed boost to their computer speed – a faster computer, after all, is a smarter computer – and one which can help you do more and quicker!  For productivity and speed of processing, there are a number of options you can take to really soup up your existing machine – but, in our opinion, you can get no better than access to a Solid State Drive if you are looking for enhanced PC speed and computer performance.

Most PCs and laptops operate on what is known as an HDD – a Hard Disk Drive – and this is regarded as the default option for PC storage the world over.  However, a faster, more reliable and overall more attractive option is available in the form of a Solid State Drive.  But when it comes to building a faster and more reliable computer, just how much difference can an SSD bring to your productivity, your web browsing and even your online gaming?  The answer is a huge difference – with very little effort!

How to make a faster computer?

Computer speed is reliant upon a number of factors – from the quality of your processor and its capabilities to the disk drive that is installed.  An HDD will only work so fast – and, like a vinyl record, it will only spin so many times per minute.  Believe it or not, this area of PC performance is focused upon hard drive RPM – and, as it goes, the main difference between an HDD and an SSD is in the fact that while an HDD will take time to warm up, spin and get up to speed, an SSD will be up and active almost instantaneously.  This means that by simply switching out the type of hard drive you have installed, you could be working with a faster computer in no time at all.

Added security and safety

SSDs are both reliable and offer virtually instant access to your PC and files without the fuss – many people notice the sheer difference in computer performance and computer speed right away upon making the switch.  Unlike an HDD, there are no moving parts within an SSD – and, even better, they are extremely robust against any risk of data wiping.  While HDDs have been notorious for losing data due to magnetic interference, SSDs remain completely unaffected – making them a great option not only to optimise PC speed, but also to provide added security and reliability to your machine and the data you save and keep.

For a faster computer and enhanced computer performance, we believe the best option available to PC and laptop users is to switch out an HDD for a Solid State Drive – and we have the expertise and the range of supplies to help even the most sluggish of machines become energised supercomputers in no time at all!  For more information on Solid State Drives and how we can help improve your PC speed and performance, call Tech CPR today on 01246 452319 or enquire via our web form at your convenience!